Empowered parents are the greatest resource for early intervention. But when children start abusing substances, guilt and parenthood seem to relate. Most parents, hit with this issue, lose control and fail to manage this issue with the moderation it requires. Unmoderated confrontations may result to extreme stress and thus leading to addiction.

In anxiety, parents might struggle to win back their kids’ hearts by giving them more or might be worried that they are doing too much or rather less. During this time, the ‘blame game’ kicks in – whose fault it was, something as irrationally as it seems, keeps us from accepting our responsibilities.

Instead of taking responsibilities, most families find themselves ion the denial loop which revolves around the crisis stage while at the same time the afflicted child is quickly spiraling down the road of addiction.

This is where Serenity Africa Rehabilitation Center, through experienced professionals, reunites the family by providing hope and healing before equipping the family with early intervention tools to help them bring back their child on track.

When you are nervously sitting on your couch wondering what else you can do to your loved ones who seems to change, please know that you are not alone, do not feel guilty about it.