Rehabilitation is not incarceration but rather an opportunity for one to tap and explore their lives from a different point of view; a chance to restructure your life by redrawing you paths and way of life by changing your present behavior or habits. This is our sole and primary objective.

We understand what families go through when addiction problem lands on their homes – everyone suffers, both the affected and the afflicted. Primarily, persons with addiction problem are not failures because just like any other person their sickness (addiction) requires treatment and help for them to suffice.

Addiction has been established to be a disease that affects both body and mind. Hear at Serenity Africa, we hold that it also affects soul, creating internal conflicts that, if not addressed, creates a whole lot of new and grave conflict, the external or rather social conflict. External conflict which includes conflicted family and social relations as well as internal conflicts, hinders an individual to self-actualize and in so doing, grounds an individual to a life dictated by vices – one that lacks peace.

Here at Serenity Africa Rehabilitation Center, we offer residential facility that provides persons with addiction the chance to step back away from the life that led to such issues. After a supervised detox, which might be natural or medically aided – depending on the severity of withdrawals – begins the process of helping the client acquire tools they need for holistic growth which will help them stay clean and thus recover.

Our treatment plan comprises of a 13 week Individual and Group program, facilitated by medical personnel, psychological counselors, nutritionists and social workers aimed at treating and uprooting this issue of addiction.

It is therefore never easy to make the decision to join a rehabilitation program or even for a family to agree to admit their loved one to a rehab facility. However, it is important to note that if addiction is not contained and dealt with, it will blow up and mess families, lives and eventually lead to death.