Serenity Africa Rehabilitation Center charges Kes. 87,500 (Eighty seven thousand five hundred Kenya shillings) for a residential program which is designed to take a period of 3 months, a 13 weeks individual and group program.

This Fee covers:

  1. Accommodation (food and decent rooms)
  2. Counseling (screening, comprehensive assessment, intervention, individual, group and family therapies, psycho-education e.t.c.)
  3. Amenity
  4. Administration (activity and bills)

Families take care of medical fees in cases where their loved ones have complications, stationary – including a bible –, bed sheets (2), a bed cover, a mosquito net, water bucket and Kes. 1,000 (One thousand Kenyan Shillings) pocket money which should be kept in the office together with personal effects.

Provided in the institution are mattresses and blankets.

The fee is NON-REFUNDABLE and a required amount of Kes. 55,000 (Fifty five thousand Kenyan Shillings) is to be paid during admission. The fee can be sent to the following line only: 0727-903-329.