Termination of Treatment

We guide the clients to embracing these tools and strategies that are meant to bring change from inside by helping them harness their inner strengths while acknowledging their weaknesses that pose threats to the opportunities that are clearly passing by because of their addiction. Simply to say therefore is the fact that abstinence from substance abuse is just one of the many ways of dealing with addiction.  This change can only be achieved if the afflicted is able to face their challenges with courage instead of resorting to substance abuse as an escape route.

At the end of the 3-months program which comprises of both individual and group programs, a farewell party is organized for the clients - who have completed the program. Thereafter, Clients attend a graduation ceremony in which the graduating Clients share their experiences during their addiction, how the intervention of Serenity Africa Rehabilitation Center has been good for them and their strategy after getting into the uncontrolled environment. Some of the families are also allowed to speak and also share on such experiences.

Termination of treatment is marked after handing the graduating Clients respective Certificates that verifies their attendance and participation for the program. However, we believe and hold that Recovery and Addiction Treatment never ends. Therefore, we offer After Care Programs through which our professionals work out with respective clients follow-up program that is meant to help monitor the client's progress and as such revealing our role as a component of the Client's support group.