Outreach Programs

Addiction is a disease rooted in an unaccepted or rather unhealthy behaviors. After treating addiction, our certified and experienced multidisciplinary professionals help the clients discover what actually led them into substance abuse – something that has overt the time, been established to be either physiological or psychological.

Physiological (maybe genetic predisposition) comes into play only when one has used the substance. But one cannot use unless one decides, psychological (thought) component. Substance abuse therefore is not the problem but a sign of the underlying struggles and problems.

We guide the clients to embracing these tools and strategies that are meant to bring change from inside by helping them harness their inner strengths while acknowledging their weaknesses that pose threats to the opportunities that are clearly passing by because of their addiction. Simply to say therefore is the fact that abstinence from substance abuse is just one of the many ways of dealing with addiction.  This change can only be achieved if the afflicted is able to face their challenges with courage instead of resorting to substance abuse as an escape route.

Another essential element is maintaining positive outcomes through creating a support system for the client during and after the rehabilitation process. Through this, we try to reach out to people in the community by providing information on Prevention, Intervention and Treatment of Alcoholism. This is done through testimonials from our clients and subsequently out hands-on visits to schools, barazas, and other public gatherings.